SaveFlash 4.3

SaveFlash is a plug-in for IE that allows you to save online flash content
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SaveFlash is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that allows you to save online flash content. It will add a new button on the toolbar of your browser, which you can use to launch the program. It will automatically detect all the FLV files on the page you are currently viewing, displaying a list with their URLs, sizes, and some more useful information. You can then click on any of the files to preview it, and then choose the content you want to keep. The program will then download the file in its native FLV format, or will re-encode it for you to either MP4 or AVI.

This program can also look for SWF links in your browser’s cache, and retrieve those files as if you were actually visiting the site in which they are embedded. Another nice feature is the capability of taking snapshots of the videos you are viewing, which you can then save in JPG format.

The unregistered version of SaveFlash will work for ten days, without adding watermarks or restricting the size of the saved videos. After that period, it will not work at all.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is a very easy way of retrieving popular flash videos
  • It includes limited conversion capabilities


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